Helicopter power transmission line repair


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Whatever the means used to maintain the power system, the science behind it is amazing. What I mean is how a common principle of electrical physics is put to practical use!


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If I remember correctly, the one-man-helicopter method of working on high power lines was demonstrated on the History Channel, right at the end of the episode of Modern Marvels, or whatever series that epidode was a part of. It might even be possible to find a transcript on the internet. I found a transcript of "Triumoh of the Nerds".
I too recall watching a cable channel on the use of a helicopter for high voltage line repairs. However it was not using a single person pilot/lineman that can leave the helicopter unattended. I am prepared to recant my opinion that this is not being done at this time with some kind of proof. Surely such an amazing feat would have tons of articles and videos demonstrating it :cool:



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Lefty,I am willing to always recheck my information, So If you are willing
retract your opinion.I will set things straight,you will have to admit that
your search ability falls a little short by your own admission in your up to
date post, I hope you did not a lot of sleep trying to corner my gemini
guy in charge of searching for factual Information. I had to search to
verified from I thought I had seen, (Mistake) on the (KEYS ENERGY SERVICE)
web site shows the helicoper pilot and 2-linemen working on the lines.
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