RC helicopter, factory short or reseller modification?

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Hi everyone.

Tinkering with an el cheapo RC helicopter i got from aldi years ago, fixed a few things but found this short on the PCB.IMG_20210211_200119.jpg

I can't decide if it's a manufacturing blob (the sideways peak on the solder looks like the extruder spasmed and it maybe stuck to the jig. Or it's a ubiquitous PCB that gets modifications from resellers.

It is in the circuit but I can't trace what it's jumping.

Only things not working are a switch on the radio for performance mode (which I'm assuming allows more power to the motors) and the tail rotor doesn't attenuate, just on or off (though I'm not sure how it should function)

Any ideas?

3.7volt system,


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Without seeing what is under the solder blob(s) I can't say. There may be a track underneath connecting those points anyway, so the blob has no effect.
There appear to be blobs at both ends of that component.