Heads up Warning: Dell Screen glare

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I recently shopped for another laptop on the local market site and picked up an almost brand new Dell for a good price, second hand. Demonstrated fine.
I did not notice until I used in a well lit room or outdoors, it has a Terrible reflective glare problem. I see I am not the only one! https://www.dell.com/community/Lapt...creen-has-bad-reflection-problem/td-p/4512757
When I was looking for feedback from others, I did not see anything mentioned.
Anyone in the market needs to check it out.
I guess I need to look for an anti glare preventer.
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You might be able to find an anti-reflection screen, but you might have trouble closing the lid with it on. Overall, getting rid of anti-glare screen coatings to improve "sharpness" counts as a pretty dumb marketing move in my way of looking at things.


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I had an interesting conversation with a Computer Repair Shop owner about
LapTop Displays.
He said that there are only 3-Display manufacturers for all LapTops,
and that the top-notch displays only come on the extreme "high-end" LapTops
and that there's basically little difference between mid, and low-priced displays.

Even with my limited experience, I tend to agree with him.
Looking at some ~8-year old beat-up LapTops, I've seen some far superior
displays to some of the brand-new mid-rage models.

Evidently, good displays are substantially more expensive to produce.