Have i selected the right chip?

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Shaney Med

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Good evening to the forum, I am have just started teaching myself logic board repair (re-training). I was recently given x4 laptops & x2 macs for nothing as all were faulty. So far, I have fixed three of the laptops, 1. broken power port, 2. water damage to two small caps, and one with a faulty mosfet. I think I have had more luck than skill but I am still pleased.

I would like to have a try at fixing one of the mac as I think! I know what is wrong with it (common fault) the problem is I am not 100% sure if I have found the right chip. They are available on eBay but are expensive for what they are and if correct I would buy a few in for future fixes. I am taking a little extra care with this one as it is in A1 condition so if I get it working my son can make use of it.

Here is what I think is the right chip to order: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/tantalum-capacitors/7955878/ (cheap as chips) and local.

Here is the recommended/upgraded chip on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330uF-2V-Aluminium-polymer-capacitor-MacBook-Pro-fix-repair-A1286-A1297/173983975154 (must be a gold plated chip).

Here is one recommended by Rossmann inc: https://store.rossmanngroup.com/d3-c7771-c9560-1-piece.html (America).

Any advice would be welcome, many thanks.

Ps is there a website that helps to decipher the chips to help track down the correct one.


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Try posting a photograph of the part you are trying to identify. Also if you can tell us which Mac is it that you are trying to fix and what is the component designation (Like "C23", for example).


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My preferred source when searching out parts is DigiKey. I used them to find a similar part to the one from EBay.

That part is made by Kemet. What I can't tell is which exact part it is, as Kemet makes 5 different parts with that same exact marking. The difference is the ESR, and I have no idea which would be best for you.

However... I can tell you the part from RS is much smaller than the Kemet part so would be harder to mount and I would worry about it's performance.