Has it become that much of science in order to dry clothes?

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Just had reason to tackle the repair of a relatives clothes dryer.
The control board had extensive SMT devices, including a 40pin micro-processor.
It seems that a lot of thought has gone in to replacing the MK1 Clothes Line, still used in many parts of the world!!. :rolleyes:


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Presumably quite a few pins are taken up with safety features, such as thermal cut-outs, fan monitor, door closure sensor,.....?
I still prefer to use our Mk1 clothes line, weather permitting. It has the advantages of economy and complete silence when operating.


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The MK1 Clothes Line works about 30 days a year here.


The problems I've repair on the clothes dryer have been all mechanical, assorted with the roller drum belt and idler rollers/springs.


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My washer-dryer weighs the wet clothes, asseses the water content by a short spin to measure inertia, takes user input as to type of washing & material, and how dry you need it (iron, cupboard, ready-to-wear) and even steams and tumbles it to avoid creasing... there's at least 6 or 8 sensors of various types, plus two heaters, pumps and valves, plus a complex touch-screen UI. Its definitely non-trivial and 'fixing' requires a board swap,the faulty one goes for 'recycling', eg the shredder - I rescued my dead one, and recovered a shed load of useful smd parts, some 12v OMRON DPDT relays, power mosfets, etc.

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We recently had a leak problem with our front-loading LG washer. It was leaking and flooded the area around the washer. My immediate thought was about all the horror stories about modern appliances and if a big repair bill or new washer was going to be in the near future.

After getting the immediate mess cleaned up, we took a few minutes to analyze the situation. Water was flowing in and not stopping. This usually leads to water leaking out the washer door, but that wasn't happening in our case. After the water level got to a certain level, dripping could be heard from the center area of the washer.

So the pressure sensor wasn't responding to water level AND water was leaking out in an unusual way when it got to a certain level. One fault that could result in these two faults would be a hole worn through the tube to the pressure sensor.

Two screws allowed removing the top, where the pressure sensor was visible. Four more screws removed a back access panel. The hose was hanging down from the pressure sensor, the bottom end hanging free, having popped off its connection point on the washer drum. Pushed the tube back on, where it should stay for another 9 years! Easy, zero-cost repair.

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Dryer fiasco update.
After much checking does seem to be the processor board, checking Local appliance parts also on line, not only did not have stock, but most stated the unit was obsolete and parts were not available.
Electrolux/Frigidaire, and was purchased just over 12yrs ago!
So it looks like it will be a case of implementing some king of manual operation, Ala - old style. knobs.
Fortunately much of the safety logic is done out-board of the processor.
In the mean-time, the MK1 has been implemented. :rolleyes:


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Don't even get me started on appliances. You know you are in trouble when all lines lead to a big square block in the diagram labeled "control board". I just replaced a freezer. The 7 year old 20 cubic foot freezer up and died. Thinking it stopped making cold early on a Saturday. Wife opened freezer mid day on Sunday and something seemed wrong. Quick temperature check and I am mid 20s F. Uh Oh, I need cold and I need it now. Dry Ice! Try finding dry ice on a Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio. This freezer always pulled down to and maintained -20 F. I found dry ice and I made the 30 min trip and bought 35 pounds of the stuff. Dragged it home and packed the freezer. OK, now I have a comfort zone. I go to Lowes (home improvement) looking for a freezer and find one. Great and I can have it first thing Monday morning. So about $1,300.00 USD problem solved. I look at rear of old freezer and there is a pretty good schematic. I bypass the thermostat (mechanical with tube) and the compressor comes right up and making cold. OK, I order a $50 part. I now have new on the way and old sitting here. New shows up Monday morning so I drag old out and new goes in place. Move everything and thank God for dry Ice. Looking at new I see the drawing on back panel with you guessed it all wires lead to "control board". The new unlike the old only pulls down to about -5 F. On the bright side the part came in, I replaced the thermostat and we gave the old freezer to a young couple we know who are just starting out with a new to them house. :)

Anyone looked at new front load washers and driers? All I want is simple, like plain and simple. It's now easy to spend $3,000 for a washer and drier. Just wife and I so we do not need a commercial family of 9 washer and drier.

Refrigerators which I can look at contents of using my smart phone? All I want is a plain Jane refrigerator. Go figure?

As I began with if it has a box in the drawing labeled "control board" you can figure it will give you problems.



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Refrigerators, I like the old lead lined ones good for Atomic Attack.

The old ones could protect you from a several hundred G acceleration and landing. They just don't make them like that any more.


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Refrigerators, I like the old lead lined ones good for Atomic Attack.

The old ones could protect you from a several hundred G acceleration and landing. They just don't make them like that any more.
you forgot to mention their incredible ability of isolating you from a supersonic shockwave....