Has anyone tried this FM diversity antenna switching circuit from "electronics now" magazine?

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Hello AAC, this is my first post, but I'm a big radio buff (YEP, I STILL LISTEN TO BOTH AM AND FM a lot in this digital age ;) ). I came across a project in the November 1993 edition of "Electronics Now" magazine in the following link: http://www.n5dux.com/ham/files/pdf/Diversity Antenna.pdf where you build an automatic antenna switcher for car radio that allows diversity tuning on radios that have only one antenna input (It's not just a Y adapter, either). It has a bill of materials list, circuit layouts, PCB patterns, and the whole nine yards. I would like to build this circuit because I have a car where the factory radio had diversity tuning and two antenna inputs, but the unit has long quit working, and most aftermarket headunits do not have diversity tuning, which is a big letdown. I know diversity tuning works because I have heard systems that had it, and it's a shame such a great technology didn't catch on with aftermarket headunits.

Anywho, Is there anyone here who has tried this project and gotten it to work? How did it go? Do you have any tips? I am asking because while it looks promising, I do not want to blow a lot of money on something I'm not sure would work due to the the fact that I can't find a lot of documentation for it, and a little insight on this project would help tremendously.

Thanks in advance!