Harvested camera modules, way to make them work?


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The cameras I have used are NTSC. If yours are NTSC then this is what I have normally seen:

All of the cameras I have worked with are powered by 12 volts.

For the 3-wire type, the power goes on the red and black and the video is on the third wire. You can verify this before blowing up your camera by checking which wires go to the tantalum power supply bypass cap.

If there are 4 wires then the red and black are the power. The other 2 wires are the video. One of the video wires shares ground with the power. There is an outside chance that the 4th wire is a sync input but I have never seen this.

Do the wires of the same color connect together on the camera's circuit board? If they do then that would seem to confirm what I said above. If not then you may have something completely different.

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The one without driver board behind it has 4 wires: yellow, red brown. and black. Below wires is text kr 1545.
One with board has slot for what stated LED (black, brown, yellow,orange), and power slot (green, yellow, red, and black), it has IRC connected to it, I don't know if that would be of any help.
,and than you very much.