Harbor Freight's 30A Bloated marketing Solar Regulator Schematic and Repair

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Bloated Marketing again! They were out of the 90 day Warranty when I Used them.
Which was good because I think they will do the job when I am done.
Yes I burned the 2 of them up at 15 amps. My bad should have learned with one.
But a plus for Harbor Freight, you can work on them they don't have surface mount crap
and the ckt board is quality enough to work with. It's Controlled by a PIC16F688.
So far I have got it to handle 24 amps by adding one more Parallel FET and Diode pack.
I'm needing 35 Real Amps total, not music amps or peak amps or solar amps, 35 real amps.
Going to try to add one more FET and Diode pack total of three each.
There is room for them on the heat sink. And to HF's Plus they are bolted to the sink.
Not just smished against the heat sink when they put it together half assed.
Hope the EL817 Opto Iso Transistor output can handle the 3 FET's in parallel.
AAC Thanks for the thread on Paralleling Diodes.
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