Happy 2016 New Year

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Hello people,
Happy new year with lot of good Wishes to those who really need it.
May This Coming Day bring you Lot of Money, Wealth, Diamonds, Gold, etc remove Evil from atmosphere..
Everything fine and rest...

Green Earth all in peace.....



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Meh... just give everyone what he wants, provided that you don't take it from someone else. ;)

Best wishes for this year's holidays everybody and may 2016 be better than what 2015 was for you.

It's been a while since I logged in, still busy with real life, but it would be a shame if I didn't return to see you a bit during the holidays.


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Money is like a gun.
Money is like a gun, a great enabler. In the hands of good people, money (and gun) can do a lot of good; In the hands of evildoers, money (and gun) can go lots of damages.

In the end, it is not money (or gun) that's good or evil; It is the people behind them that are good or evil.


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Happy New Year from Texas!
While this new moderator thing has had its challenges lately, I remain convinced that AAC has some of the finest people on the planet who selflessly contribute time and expertise in volumes in response to the slightest request. Many thanks to all of you. You're the best!