Handling two jobs at same time

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Hi All,

Hope you all going alright.

I need some advice/guidance on the following scenario:

I have to start two new jobs (software engineer) about the same time. One is a 9-5 job, the other is paid hourly and the two are remote given the covid situation. Note that the two jobs are in two different time zone (6 hours)!

I need the 9-5 job for at most 3 months (detail not given to make story short). So how do I manage my time properly to be productive in both jobs.

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It's kind of like moonlighting for a little extra income. Work all the hours you are supposed to work, don't short change either so you never have to worry about that. If you don't have children in your workplace you are well ahead of the game. If you do have children in your workplace (in your home) consider renting a small office away from home.

When I moonlighted 9 hours at the office and then about 5 hours at the second office I gave myself an hour to drive to the second office and have dinner (ok, not much of a dinner, a sandwich was usually enough). That also gave me time to adjust my thinking to my second job.

This worked for me over several evening jobs. The main thing was to make sure that both employers appreciated that they were getting the services they needed.