Gun safety and responsibility

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Did we hold car makers responsible when we required safety belts? Should we hold gun manufacturers responsible for guns that do not have safety features that prevent children from using them?
Don't get me wrong. I am not anti-gun possession. In our immediate family we probably exceed one gun per adult. I confess to not actually doing a survey. We list ourselves among "survivalists".

Robin Mitchell

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Seat belts are required by law so it is a manufactures fault if you hurt yourself and there was no seat belt present. If the law requires guns to have safety devices to prevent misfire and someone gets hurt then yes, they should be brought to their knees.

Are companies responsible when it is not law, not at all! Take any power tool (bandsaw for example). I dont see any anti-children devices on them! It is up to the owner to ensure that the device or item is kept safe away from children and those who need care.
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