Grid connected current source inverter

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What would be the equivalent circuit of grid connected current source inverter considering grid impedance in d-q reference frame?

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Hello there. :) Most types of DG units utilize power electronic converters as the interface media with the utility grid.These converters are commonly based on a Voltage Source Inverter (VSI), which can operate either in grid-connected mode or in island mode. Grid-connected operation consists in delivering power to the local loads and to the utility grid. In such a case, the output voltage reference is often taken from the grid voltage sensing, by using a phase-locked-loop (PLL) circuit, while control system ensures that the inverter acts as a current source.
Currently, when the grid is not present, the inverters are
normally disconnected from the grid in order to avoid islanding
operation. So with that said, a polyphase system is out of question,
You would like a design of a synchronous frame control strategy for single-phase inverter-based islanded distributed generation (DG) systems.? I would recommend for the control strategy is to use a synchronous reference frame PI (SRFPI) controller to regulate output voltage, together with a simple inner capacitor current regulating loop to stabilize the system and a voltage-feedforward loop to improve the system robustness.


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Check with your local power company for regulations to which you need to pay attention in order to avoid tragic results such and burning down buildings or electrocuting power company workers. What needs to be worried about is not all that obvious.