MPPT Grid-Tie Connected System

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    Aug 13, 2013
    Hi All,

    Currently, I'm doing a research on three phase pv grid-tied. For further understanding, I try to find a model to analyze the data and results. I've found a model which is in Matlab/Simulink. However, I'm having difficulties in understanding how the MPPT and subsytem work. Could anyone please explain to me. There's an attachment which is the Grid-Tied Connected System in Simulink. My questions are:

    In MPPT block,
    i) Is Pn-Pb equivalent to P(n)-P(n-1) ?
    ii) Instead of delta P/delta V why is that delta P * delta V ?
    iii)The 0.001(Delta D) is that the duty ratio?

    In Subsystem block,
    i)I try to model out the equation. But I couldn't really figure it out which equation he used.Can anyone please guide me on this?

    Sincerely hope someone could guide me on this. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Many thanks.