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I'm totally new, what i can do is just soldering according to the instructions.
I have one problem on this video card (RX580), which is called "coil whine". Sound only appears when a video card is in use (Gaming, benchamrking...)
Yes I checked with two different PSUs.

1) Which component is making the sound ? (all available options who can make coil whine sound)
2) On GPU (photo1) another side I see like oil on PCB or it is from inductor or microcontroller(photo2) ?
3) Where can I get those components? (please link EU)
4) And I want your opinion on what makes coil whine sound and how to avoid it if possible.

Don't judge me for grammar or something else :(

Why don't I just ignore it or bring it to the service?
Because I'm interested in it, interesting to find out or even fix it myself :)

Thank you in advance



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I would say PL164 silver Inductor block on the last picture,, these are Inductors .

Hot melt glue or Wax was used to cure this problem in old TV sets from Line Whistle..