GOWIN DIY FPGA development board

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now when basic (core) Gowin FPGA board is working properly - I would like to design more advanced board on bigger FPGA IC and additional stuff. I have choosen such model of Gowin FPGA for this more advanced board
It has 8640 LEs (logic elements) and 120 I/Os - see link:

It has enough resources to run RISC-V soft-processor. Apart from basic integrated circuits I would like add many additional components to this FPGA board - for example:
1) Eight LEDs
2) Eight DIP-Switch
3) Six Push Buttons
4) VGA DAC (resistors) with socket
5) Six "seven-segment" displays
6) Micro SD Card Adapter
7) Stereo audio out
8) 80 I/O pins led out to the connectors
9) 1Mbit SRAM circuit (static RAM)
10) ADC and DAC circuits

I mean something similliar to such FPGA board:

As ADC (Analog 2 Digital Converter) I think about
Integrated circuit - see links:


This ADC has:
1) Three chanels of 24 bit ADC
2) SPI Serial Interface
3) Sample rate: 1.024 MS/s
4) 3.3 V Supply Voltage
5) SOIC-20 case

I am wondering what do you think about such FPGA board. Maybe you can suggest different components?
For example different models of ADC and DAC (I also think about I2S audio ADC and DAC)?

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