Giving Thanks

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For those of us in the United States today is Thanksgiving. Setting aside myths, religious implications, and the like the day is a reason to reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives—a useful exercise.

Each of us has life fortunes unique to the time, place, and heritage of our birth. Some of us are thankful for things that others can't be because they don't have them. Rather than speak in general and remind those less fortunate of what is missing for them, I want to say something which all of us share.

I am thankful for the AAC community. For all the people that make it up, and for the virtual but real companionship it brings. I am thankful for all the folks here who spend time sharing knowledge, advice, and humor. I am thankful for the opportunity to help when it arises, and for the help I get when I need if. I am thankful for the chance to learn by teaching others, and by reading the wise and clever words of others who are helping.

Thank you all for what you add to this community. It is genuinely important to me, and not just "the Internet". It is part of my life, and something I look forward to and treasure.

I wish you all, wherever you are and however you observe it a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope that reflecting on what you are thankful for brings you some joy, some peace, and some hope.


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To add to that, it is also a special time for my wife and me. We were married on Thanksgiving Day 46 years ago. Since the kids have spread far and wide we are down to baked chicken instead of the family turkey this year (not that I really mind as not a big fan of turkey). At least I'll get my wife's pecan pie!
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