Gift Idea for someone interested in electronics

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Hi all
I was wondering if anyone could give a suggestion of a good gift idea between under £200, for a friend they are really interested in electronics as a student and hobbyist and carry out a lot of project in their own time and would like to get them something that they will really like, they make things like line follower and maze runners any suggestions would be really useful


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A nice multimeter is always useful... and you can never have too many. It's also nice to have extra soldering tips on hand or more tips for different applications... something someone won't always spend for themselves because the tip they are using work, but the tip isn't always the best tool.


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How about a solderless breadboarding kit, including jumper wires and maybe a couple of small DC power supplies?

Maybe even better is a gift certificate to DigiKey or another favorite parts distributor?

I've found it's convenient to have parts kits (resistors, capacitors, etc.) on hand when trying out a new circuit.


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A gift certificate to DigiKey or Mouser.

(Oh, someone beat me to it.)

Cash with a note saying that you hope they will use it to support their electronics interests is probably the most useful gift, but there is certainly a desire to actually give something that shows that you have actually spent some time thinking about their interests. However, that approach risks giving them something that they already have, don't need, or don't want. But, as they say, it's the thought that counts and most gift recipients won't care too much if they get a sub-optimal gift.

Here's one that might be a good match:

A couple years ago I priced this kit out and, assuming they haven't changed it, the cost to build up this kit was over $200.

You might look at some of the other things they have, including the Analog Discovery kit itself.

There are competing products from other vendors and which is best depends on the specific interests. But as a gift, I doubt you can go too far wrong with any of them.


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Buy him a puppy, it will help to alleviate the social isolation, the regular walks will ensure he gets enough exercise and it won't get grumpy when he forgets its birthday because he was awake until 4.00 in the morning trying to debug that last bit of code:(.
And your friend will be forever grateful with the puppy claims his computer for itself -- and marks it as such. :D