Getting the clean current sense voltage with Parasitic Inductance in current sense resistor – Low side current sensing

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we are evaluating MIC21LV32 from microchip in one of our applications.

For the current sensing we have used 3mΩ sense resistor(1206,1%,1W), as these sense resistors have higher ESL+ parasitic inductance in PCB. During testing with R1=R3=100Ω, No C2,C3,C4, we are seeing large spikes on CSP-CSN nodes.

My question is, for the current sense filter circuit (R1, R3, C2, C3, C4) below,

how can I decide the values of Input filter components (R1, R3, C2, C3, C4) so, that I can get clean voltage across 3mΩ resistor alone even though ESL present.

Below is the simulated circuit.


Below is the response of the circuit.

I have chosen Common mode filter values (R1, R3, C3, C4) and, Differential mode filter values (R1, R3, C2) randomly.

With same values I have done testing, but I do not see such improvement in the captured waveforms. Simulation to Actual HW only difference is AGND & DGND are connected at one place(near thermal pad), in simulation i have shorted it directly.

How can i go systematically to improve the response of the circuit?