Getting a 7S4P Lithium battery pack

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I'm having to replace a 7S4P Lithium battery pack and thought I'd be able to easily get my hands on one from China but many suppliers won't send them to the UK on Aliexpress for example. So would anyone be able to recommend a trustworthy supplier in or available to the UK. I found this on Amazon and am scratching my head how it's rated at 15Ah for a 4P when from my limited knowledge Lithium 18650 batteries are typically rated at around 2300 mAh to a maximum of 3600 mAh but even then this is contradicted depending on what website you go to, so I'm a little confused. Another one here is even rated at 24Ah! How are they managing this?


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Look for solax genie battery. It is 7S4P and uses 18650 cells and include the protection circuitry inside. Thay are around £300.