Gate driver power handling

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Are gate drivers supposed to be selected to provide more than enough current to the gate so as to not be overloaded when it cannot supply more than the gate demands?

Would the driver be damaged if the gate demands way more current than the driver can supply?

Can multiple gate drivers be paralleled up to supply more current to the gate?

The power handling of drivers seems to be related to their output current.
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I think you're misunderstanding what a gate driver does, if your talking about divers for mosfets and IGBTs. The only problem with an "under powered" gate driver is it will take longer to 'turn on' the mos/igbt. Most every gate driver has a higher sink, turn off, value so they can turn the mos/igbt off fast. But the gates are in reality like a capacitor, it just takes more time to charge with a lower amperage available.

Using more than one driver will cause you trouble, and isn't necessary. The mos or igbt drain and source is what handles the power transfer not the gate.