FY6X00 60MHz vs Siglent SDG830 function generators

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It's about time I get a decent AWG. I could do plenty with the various FY6X00 models, I'd get the 60MHz version.

Then there's the 10MHz SDG810 and 30MHz SDG830 for a little more. I'd go with the 30MHz if I was going to pay that much.

They are about 2x the price of the FY6900. How much better are they ? I know the price of function gen's get real high, so I'd like a robust model as well, that can take some accidental abuse.

I get the impression the FY6900 is still closer to a "toy" version (although great for the price if that's all u have). Also I'll have be getting a SDS1104x-e scope, so I guess it should be software compatible too.

Is there really much difference between them tho, or is it just luxury tax ?

I'd love the 30MHz sdg1032X but that's another price step again. What can it do at 30MHz that the sdg830 can't ? There's not many reviews of these, or youtube is hard to search sometimes



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The big advantage of a Siglent AWG with the SDS1104X-E is plug and play signal source for the scopes inbuilt Bode plot feature.
That's not to say you can't do it with another brand AWG but the communication protocols have to be matched so the scope can control the AWG when in Bode plot/FRA mode. (Frequency Response Analysis)
SDG800's don't have a LAN connection so you only have USB connectivity for remote control or Bode plot connectivity and this series has only one channel.
I've sold a good few SDG810's and historically had some SW issues with them but none for a year or so. Their HW is pretty good and reliable.
SDG1032X is a 2ch 30 MHz unit and my fav in the low priced AWG's as unlike most AWG's in this class it does sine and square wave to its max frequency.
These all can be hacked too if you're that way inclined.