Future Electricians Trade to Include Roofing!


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Why Solar?? To begin With???
I have 3 different brands of solar panels 50 of them in all. 5 to 7 years old.
100 Watt Panels. They all Started around 60 Watts new. Did you Notice the number 60 ?
They are now 30 Watts some a bit more some a bit less. A few just Died.
Again why Solar to begin With???????
I love it when you look them up on the Internet. They degrade 0.34 Percent Per year. NOT !!


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Musk is all about the fact that most businesses that fail, fail by less than 5%. He had a better path to success if he was subsidized or his customers are incentivized by government mandates, subsidies or grants. He saw solar getting funded/subsidized and he saw e-mobility. He better have a foundation in place by the time the government funding stops or his house of cards will collapse.