Fully differential with CMFB

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Hello all,

I'm required to design a fully differential amplifier with CMFB.
the minimal requirements are:

Vdd=2 [v]
closed loop gain=2
Dynamic range at output, DR >80 [db]
settling error<0.5 mV
settling time<50 ns
load capacitance 10 pF
phase margin >60 degrees
power keeping low as possible

I would like to get some ideas for specific circuits that can satisfy those requirements.
any other tips for this design are very welcomed!

thanks in advaned!


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we are not sure if it is a smart idea to continue with this circuit. the phase margin needed is quite big.
Circuit in question:
The transistor symbols are non-standard. Are they supposed to be enhancement mode MOSFETs?

Using humps with connection dots went out of style decades ago...