Fully differential op-amp for current to voltage measurement and impedance matching?

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Nathan Zechar

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Using the reference below, can I simply put a resistor across Vin+ and Vin- in order to get a balanced current to voltage measurement in the event I have a battery which would have current following through said resistor?

Can I discard the inverted out signal by grounding the negative out? I need a balanced line in order to reduce parasitic stray capacitance.

When simply making a current to voltage measurement by using two oscilloscope probes to make a poor man's differential probe, I noticed that the phase between the two probes started to shift at anything above 2MHz (I was using a 100 Ohm resistor). Then using a higher valued resistor - say 10k Ohm - this phase shift occurred at a lower frequency than 2MHz. Can a fully differential op amp increase the frequency at which I can make a current measurement across a resistor?