fully-controlled three-phase bridge convertor

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hello, i have been given a question as part of my assignment in my power module of my degree top up course. i understand that you can not answer the question for me, well at least you could but i wouldnt want that as id like to be able to understand it for myself. the question is as follows...

"A fully-controlled three-phase bridge convertor A is conected to a 3300V, 60Hz system which has an inductance of 2mH/phase. A dc link, of resistance 0.7 ohms go and return, connects convertor A to a convertor B. Convertor B is also of the fully-controlled three-phase bridge type and is connected to a 3800V, 50Hz system which has an inductance of 2.5mH/phase. power flow from the 60Hz to the 50Hz system.

Calculate the firing delay angle of convertor B for a dc link current of 200A, if the firing delay angle of convertor A is 20 degrees. support the calculation with a basic equivalant circuit of the transmission system."

so far we have covered the different integration methods to work out the Vo but are yet to cover anything of this magnitude and so i am unsure where to start. The Vo we have worked out have all been for one bridge convertor and have not linked to convertors together at all.

many thanks in advanced for any help :)