Full wave rectification with an offset p-p voltage

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Well, It's AC from the wall so it's just a 60hz AC signal. What I was asking is if I could get 80v positive 20v negative/ 40v positive 60v negative/ 10 volts positive 90v negative/ etc, etc, etc, from a full wave rectifier as I am building an expensive power supply and I don't want to pay for voltage I'm not using.


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Well... it occurred to me that he could adjust his original AC source using the variac, and then use full bridge rectifiers on each side...

Something like this:

VA-B=100 VAC
VC-B = 80 VAC​

Is what I'm saying viable? Or did I just put my foot in my mouth?
I don't see how that would work with a common output DC ground. :confused:
Show me how you would hook up the rectifiers to do what you want.