On capacitor impedance under full-wave rectification

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    Jun 21, 2011
    Hi, all, I am trying to calculate a capacitor impedance under full-wave rectification for my thesis. I know -j/wC does not work in this case, because there are harmonics in the full-wave rectification waveform, so I should use Fourier analysis. Below is a model I use:

    I am not sure how to find a explicit expression for its impedance in this case, assuming the rectifying diodes are all ideal. Could you recommend some resources that I can refer to? Thanks a lot!
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    Sep 9, 2010
    This is a circuits forum, generally dealing with simple circuits and specific questions related to them. I think you'll get more attention to your question in some of the other forums on this site.

    Your question is not a simple one. I've tried to model wind-generator output all the way from the coils to the DC load, so I had to include the rectifier. It got ugly fast. One thing that catches my eye, though, is assuming ideal diodes. Of course there is no such thing, so I wonder about the utility of calculating a theoretical detail such as capacitor inductance while ignoring a real detail of likely greater magnitude, diode non-ideality. I understand the difference between academic exercises and real-world applications, but let's get real.