Full Bridge for DC Motor .

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Have this design, but before going to test and production i need to verify.

Have a small DC Motor 12v max 700mA
I have to control it by starting fast and after some time set it slowly. That part i know how.
I will feed the PWM for speed and One for clockwise and one anti-clockwise.
So my question is, can my design be workable or do i have to redesign it ?
I Use a L6205N , and i mean i will have to set "clockwise" LOW and "Anti-clockwise" HIGH +5v to get it rotate in one direction.
Changing the PWM will control the speed ??


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Sorry- I thought you were trying to filter the PWM to a DC voltage.
The RC on the PWM seems to be for some tricky overcurrent function. I would have to read the data sheet very carefully to understand what is going on there.