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Hi Guys, I have studying for long time, only a man was able to provided me a good information, his name: Joseph Newman, the information was that the current that goes through a coil is not proportional with the amount of magnetic force generated in the coil, since the magnetism is formed only through the angular movement of the electrons which are spinning indefinitely even when there is not any current, the current is just as a switch which allow to align or unaligned this electrons, this is demonstrated when you put a iron as a core in a coil, the magnetism grows but the consumption in the coil is actually the same.
Joseph Newman demonstrated with his devices a energy output a thirty times greater than the energy input, (see attachment 1) This extra energy is got directly from the the mass of the copper, his device take advantage of the magnetic field created from the coil and is got when the current is off from the battery, then the magnetic field collapses inducing to the same coil a current greater than the initial current generated from the battery.

The Joseph Newman Free energy Machine_1070x1392.jpg

He said that his device does not run itself, always a battery as input is necessary, but here my challenge, knowing that we can get the extra of energy and redirect it to the input to keep it running, using a capacitors, a relay to turn on and off, a electromagnet as the coil and a diodes, (see attachment 2) only with the correct capacitors diodes and electromagnet I think this will be possible, I encourage to experiment with this if somebody is interested, we can stay in contact, and share the results with me I can offer until 500$ if somebody gets something really good. Remember the formula: E = Mass x c^2 More mass = more energy, a bigger electromagnet better will be the results.


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