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Why AAC does not deal with HHO, overunity topics, or anything at all that has to do with S.Meyer.

It's quite simple - we can't prove a negative. No matter how many times we point out that this or that will not work, the reply is always "yes, but how about this?". That gets repetitious. We have gone down that road many times.

The way it must be is this: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. If you cannot furnish such proof, there is no point in any further discussion at all. We will be more than happy to examine any factual data.

Opinions, no matter how fervently expressed, do not make a case. Videos, however persuasive, do not mean anything at all without the demonstration having taken place in public with qualified experts able to freely examine the device and its set up. Testimonials are simply less than persuasive.

We are certain here that there is no slightest possibility that any device or circuit that is supposed to produce the hydrolysis or water at rates greater than science say is possible has ever or will ever work. That also constitutes perpetual motion, in that the energy produced by the gas evolved should be more than enough to power the circuit. That claim has never been made, or can be demonstrated.

Stan M. obviously was a scam artist, and lied about every aspect of his claims. None of his circuits, nor any later ones "based" on them has ever had or will ever have the slightest possibility of functioning. The label "scam" attaches to any method whatever that promises to produce more electrolyzed gas than physics predicts is possible.

There are later scams that involve claims that adding certain magnets to a generator can somehow cause more energy to be produced that is required to run it. That turns out to be laughable, as in no case is the generator actually operating itself - a defining ability of a perpetual motion device.

If you are here seeking something, know that you are the victim of a scam. We can provide the beginnings of enough knowledge to see that we are correct in this assessment.

If you are here to argue about conspiracies or some overlooked aspect of energy production, it is likely that you are a scammer, and deserving of contempt. We have never and will never validate any portion of your claims.

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