"Franken-FMs" analog TV stations die this year

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This is a list of low-powered television stations in the United States that operate on VHF channel 6 as radio stations. This is because the audio on NTSC-M channel 6 can be picked up on 87.75 FM on the radio dial; as the FM radio bandplan is separated by odd-numbered 0.2 MHz intervals, these stations, also colloquially known as "Franken-FMs" (in analogy with Frankenstein's monster)[1] usually market their radio frequency as "87.7". These stations are still required to play some sort of video signal to comply with FCC regulations; it does not specify what kind of signal it must be, and thus the video usually consists of still frames, test patterns, automated weather conditions and news, or unrelated silent films (such stations can still carry audio programming through their SAP feeds, although none do as of 2019). As low-power stations, they are excluded from educational and informational programming mandates and are thus (unlike full-power stations, Class A stations and their digital subchannels) not required to interrupt their program schedules for three hours of educational children's programming per week.