FPGA power supply problem

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I designed an FPGA Spartan 6 circuit that its power supply is supplied using 1117 regulators.
This circuit has two power supplies, 3.3 and 1.2 V.
The circuit worked properly for several months, but after a while the regulators and the fpga itself became hot, and the power supply increased from 1.2 volts to 2.4 V.
When the voltage regulator is connected to fpga and 3.3 V is disconnected from the circuit, the voltage is exactly 1.2 , but when the 3.3 V regulator is connected to the circuit, the voltage of the 1.2 V regulator increases to 2.4V.
Does anyone know the reason for this problem?

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whats the current they need to provide
what heat sinking have you on them ?
what bulk capacitance do yo have ?

how do you ensure power up sequence ?

Are any of the LDO "motor botting" , how much noise do you have on the lines.