Found a Broken Centrifuge w/ Capacitor Snapped off. WORKS

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Joined Dec 5, 2011
I found a centrifuge, a Sorvall Fresco with a sign "This is trash, thanks" written on it with the lid torn off and beaten looking.
So I decided to take it and see if I can get this thing to work.

It appears the problem is very simple, an aluminum capacitor labeled "11.14112 HCJ -22 08/03-01" eched on it. The problem is, I can't find any information about it. I think it's a capacitor but I really can't be sure.

Then I found a spot of the board where the capacitor fell off and manually held it and the centrifuge worked!

Problem is getting the capacitor on. There's no pin on this capacitor (most of it got torn off and is stuck on the board)
What could I do? I'm thinking of soldering some short wires on but I'm worried about destroying the capacitor in the process(or whatever it is). Since I basically have no spares and I can't find any information about this thing, I think I should ask you experts so that I don't do anything stupid