Forum reply box unresponsive?

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Robin Mitchell

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Hi all,

On three machines, one linux and the other two windows 7 all using firefox I find that I can barely use this forum. The worse culprit is the quick reply box where I begin tying a sentence and it takes a good 5 seconds for the words to show up and respond to actions.

Anyone else having issues?

This has been happening for a few months now but I only decided now to say something.


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I sometimes experience a lag as well but not so much lately. Win7-64/FF latest.
It can also get pretty laggy on Android (Samsung Tab3 and Galaxy 3).

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Robin Mitchell

Joined Oct 25, 2009
This is a second attempt using the orange (new) layout. Still terrible :(
Is this website trying to save drafts or is it that firefox has a serious issue. This problem does not persist on any other browser.

Update: When its unresponsive the whole browser is also frozen. So something is upsetting firefox and its unique to this website. This happens on no other forum.


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LOL, right up there with turning it off then on. To me it sounds like a IP provider issue, possibly a router.
I'll agree. I'm using FF on Linux as well. I now get "server not found errors" sometimes and as you said, FF is totally unusable. It's usually when the webpage initially loads and it's looking it up or waiting for some google services. e.g. "waiting for..." Server not found is fixed with a re-load.

I did put a post on Bugzilla, but trying to figure out in what version of FF it occurred, if there is one, is going to be a nightmare finding it.

I was thinking it was an ISP issue, but no issues at all when using Chromium. I switched the DNS to Google's and still issues.

One of the Firefox;s developers has split Mozilla because of speed issues and is working on a new browser with a different kind of add revenue stream.

There is a way to regress FF and try any version.

So, I bet it's real.