Flyback Transformers and Ignition coils for an Academic Pulse Plasma thruster

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I am on the duty of develop and academic quality Pulse Plasma thruster for teaching and low level / low specs / no qualification purposes.

On the research stage about these circuits, I found that I need to use a flyback transformer (a self oscillating one that uses a Mosfet, I selected a STP310N10F7 due to its very low Rds on and I have several of these on the shelf :) ) in order to drive the primary coil. The FB coil drives the Mosfet´s gate.

As input voltage I will have 12 Volts or 24 Volts (one of these, not sure yet), at transformer secondary I shall have around 500 Volts if I power the primary coil with 12 Volts. If I power with the half, I shall have around 250 Volts. The input voltage will vary from 12 Volts to down in order to charge the spark capacitor with different voltages levels.

At secondary, there will be an auto-triggering based on a SCR that drives a ignition coil that step up the capacitor voltage to 5KV or 2.5 KV.

Briefly, I am searching for a flayback transformer with a relationship of 1:30 or 1:40 and a secondary step up transformer (or called ignition transformer or ignition coil) with a relation of 1:10; perhaps the relationship could be 1:10 for the flyback transformer and 1:30 to 1:40 for the ignition coil. The resulting voltage will be the same.

I don´t want to place the storage capacitor at the very high voltage side, due to these are harder to find, instead that lower voltages capacitors are easier to find.

I encountered problems finding these transformers, probably due to I am not a high voltage electronics expert,

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