Fluke clamp meter issue

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Hi to all. Today I bought one fluke clamp meter for ac current (i1000s) . I saw that the tool must be used with fluke oscilloscope but I tryed to use it with fluke dmm 87v. I switched up the heater 1kw/2kw of the bathroom and applied the clamp meter.
On 1kw I read on dmm 0.413v the clamp meter switch was on 10A-2v. So I made some Calc and looked that 2.065A. But this is the half of the pampers because 1kw/240v=4.16a
I have same results with 2kw heater.
It's normal or the clamp meter is broken?



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I bought a fluke clamp, and out of the box it didn’t work. Opened it up and found the two lead strap screws were loose. Tightened them up and it’s worked flawless to date, 15 years