Fireworks E Match Specifications Help

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I am new to this forum and electronics in general. I am trying to build a fireworks launcher and want to understand the fundamentals of what will be going on in my circuit. I have been doing some research online (google and youtube) and I am trying to figure out what is the resistance of my E Match is but I cant seem to make any sense of the documentation provided (which is very limited). The seller I bought the E match from provides the following technical specifications:

Special for the slow lead wire
Power supplied by 12 voltage
Technical Parameters:
1. 21C(70F)resistance: 1.30.15Ω - 1.70.15Ω
2. F current: 0.40A /0.37A
3. S current: 0.25A 5S/0.18A 5S
4. T current: 0.5MA
5. Length: 11.81in

I am about as beginner as they come when it comes to circuitry but I am trying to learn as I find this stuff very interesting. My question is what does all of this mean? It's all I can seem to find as far as data on these E matches, and none of it looks like anything I can find anywhere else. I've tried looking up each of the parts listed but with no luck. Here is the Ebay posting for my product:

Thanks in advance for any help and if you need anymore info i will do my best to provide it. One other thing i did try is test the resistance of my E match with a multimeter and got a reading of between 1 - 2 ohms. I tried plugging this into V/R = I and found 12/1 = 12. My understanding is that this would mean my current is 12 amps which does not make sense to me as the above specs are at .4 amps (I think). I'm sure I'm just making some noob mistakes but would really appreciate it if someone could straighten me out.


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An e-match basically is a fuse. Like all fuses, it's Ohm's Law calculation doesn't make sense. That's because the part never is intended to carry a continuous current with the full voltage applied.