finding ribbon cable termination plug

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I am having a hell of a time trying to find a replacement connector housing.
2 rows of 22 male pins
0.1" spacing on row and column
ribbon cable wire spacing is half that. My eyeball says it makes sense to be 1.27mm.
I am well aware that the manufacturer part number is stamped on the cable for the drive I pulled it from. I have already ordered the (overpriced) item from them, but id like to repair the old cable if I can. In the pic you'll see that its missing the clip on the back and one alternative I have is to order a similar one and use the clip from that. Its an option, but more than likely my digikey fu is just not strong enough to find what I need.
Here is the link for the connector I found to rob if it helps anyone identify the original.
Thank you in advance for looking.