Finding function contacts from Schematic

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Currently working on a project for modernization, however as I am a programmer and beginner in electronics, I am having great difficulty in identifying the operational contacts from the schematic of an industrial oven (for curing composites).

I've included the schematic as PDF.

If I were to create a program that gets readings of the temperature of the oven and than based on those readings I have to shut down the heating component of turn it on. What would I hook up my PLC leads to (Not using PLC just an example). Basically what controls what and what is its main switch (control). I am told that there are in total 8 operating contacts.

Description of pages as its in Dutch:
Page 2 Ventilation
Page 3 Elements
Page 4 Regulator
Page 5 Writer
Page 6 Door Switch
Page 7 Start/Stop
Page 8 Ven Chamber furnace
Page 9/10 Burner

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It's never easy to modify these types of control circuits, because they're designed to be highly integrated to save cost. I recommend starting by redrawing the schematic so you get a much better understanding of how it works. How is the temperature normally set? I see switches to heating elements on page 10. Is that a multipoint switch on the front panel, or something else. You have 230 VAC running around in this thing, so having a very good understanding of it before you start modifying it could be lifesaving.
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