Ferrari fuel flow sensors

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I don't watch F1 anymore, so I'm not on any side here. But from an EE perspective, there's a lot of games the teams can play to by-pass the rules, in this case there's a lot of speculation on how the fuel flow sensors can be fooled. The teams are limited to a certain mass of fuel each race (iirc) 300kg. I'm missing something here, but do they need sensors to measure overall fuel consumed, why doesn't the FIA weigh each teams fuel before race ?? I don't watch F1 anymore, I miss the screaming V10's

I don't know what really happened, any EE folks on here have any thoughts on fooling sensors in very expensive F1 kit ? Also if teams can "sneak" other CxHy into the combustion chamber, like oil/hydraulic oil, in anyway imaginable, that's added energy

Whatever happened, it must be fun to work at these companies and come up with ways to break and bend the rules......from an engineering POV
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