Feasibility of using reflectors to "half" radiation patterns of known antennas.

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Is it possible to use metal reflectors to limit the radiation pattern of an antenna?
If so, how can it be done to minimize side lobes, permit the waves to actually reach the antenna, and increase DB in whatever is left over. Sort of like a wave guide with an open side to let stuff pour out.

To build a directional antenna with a radiation pattern in a single quadrant, when viewed from the operating end.

This is to create a spinning 433.92 mhz beacon tracker.
Polarization will not be a problem because the beacon will also be spinning parallel to the tracker.
For such a big wavelength, I cant feasibly shrink a parabolic reflector into something I can hold with my two hands.

I was thinking of putting some corner reflectors parallel and adjacent to a cantenna's "horn", but I don't know if it is that simple.

Any help or discussion would be appreciated.
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