Fault tolerance on traffic light system

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please can someone help with this information, i need an information on the crucial part of traffic light components that when damage, it can cause a total shutdown or malfunctioning of a traffic light system. and if an related articles please share as i need the information to embark on a project. Thanks


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And if someone has detailed information on security codes for the bank on Fifth and First that would be great too..
Or at least the managers bathroom break schedule. That would really help with my "project" too. o_O


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measure the current of each light and find out if it is within the spec's. if not shut dwn.
then put this in a matrix and use a truth table to define validity of light's on's and off's.
When false shut down.


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Would you mind explaining why you want this information and what you intended on doing with it?

Due to the fact that you are a new user here and your lack of any information about the intended usage of this information makes us think you may want this for criminal purposes..
Maybe he wants to find a way to turn off traffic lights as he approaches them in his car.

It's a very suspicious query and I feel like I'll be an accessory to a crime if I discuss anything.