Fast AC voltage regulation

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This is about Siemens X-ray’s control equipment released in the 60’s. I have a question about the “fast AC voltage regulation” used to power 2D21 / 5727 gas thyratron tubes, neon tubes and some other electronic components.

The voltage controller unit was always shown on diagrams as a black box. 220V unregulated in, 220V regulated out. One could see the unit, called Isostat, built only with transformers, Inductances and capacitors. There were jumpers for 50/60 Hz operation.

I figure the voltage compensation was done by phase shifting, but if not too off the subject here and if possible, I would like to see a basic diagram and understand the basics of it.

There was also a test device for measuring the grounding between the units that generated a constant 10A AC current which applied between 2 ground points, should not show a resistance higher than 0.2 ohm. If I remember all well. Thanks