Faraday Cage and Gauss law

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Hello everybody

I have a question concerning static charges, and conductive spheres (or simple static shielding bags).

If I have a charge outside a metal sphere we know that the field doesn't penetrate it and in the sphere we have no electric field

If we put a static charge inside a metal sphere, are we going to measure outside the sphere any electric field? According to Gauss law we should.

Have you tested it? If I put a charged object (a charged piece of PVC), in a static shielding bag, are we going to measure outside any electric field?
I will experiment and see because my sense is that I will not measure any field, in contrary to the Gauss law

Thanks a lot for your thoughts


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Hello there :) nice to meet you, so to speak.
Experimentation is a wonderfulthing.
"Experimentation" is a real scientific word that I just made up.:)my understanding of the Gauss theorem of the electrostatic field, the electric field line of the electrostatic field starts from positive charge or infinity, and ends at negative charge or infinity. Therefore, the electrostatic field is an active field. And of course Ampere has to put in his two cents because he's often and overlooked , Ampere Loop theorem, it is a spin-free field. According to the loop theorem, the loop quantity in the electrostatic field is always equal to zero, which indicates that the charges move along any closed path in the electrostatic field and the work done by the electric field force is zero, so the electrostatic field is a conservative field. Sooo, in a static free nutshell those are my thoughts.:rolleyes:you'll not measure any field and I like the way you think ;)

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Thanks a lot for the answer Delta.

It is very advanced for me. I am thinking of it with advanced high school or early undergraduate education.

I haven't made the measurement but I believe I will not detect any electrostatic field

I do not know how to relate with Gauss's theorem




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Lenz, have a Gauss and get Amped up from Monday to Faraday... pretty bad huh? Especially because Im not sure how to add all the other amazing ones.
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