Fake parts on ebay, it could be, but theres lots of genuine parts

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    Apr 28, 2012
    I havent yet received any fake parts from ebay, though I know some are forged on occasion for instance the notorious Sanken transistors.
    Anyway the corresponding amplifiers are as such they will burn out some day eventually.

    From Aliexpress I have discovered the first fake component- a plastic BC108, in fact they are PNP and could be anything. They work but arent BC108

    Its really unfair to say ebay. It is individual sellers who may put the fake parts on purpose, or fail to remove them when they discover it, anyway,
    ebay has a money back guarantee, you can say it has a scratch your dog barked or you dont like it. Almost like that.

    I could judge by looking at the whole shop, fake or genuine, dropshipper without a clue, or someone who knows what they are selling.

    There was a conman here in the UK who sold fake ROLEX to the tune of GBP500,000 sooner or later they end up in the news and of course will be barred from selling.

    For branded goods such as NIKE ROLEX APPLE and the like there is a VERO scheme on ebay, as you also need the permission to sell them.
    You need authorization and if the goods are still marketed on the high street, they will go after it.
    Theres fake or dodgy NIKE products or knockoffs looking like NBA baseball hats in most bad neighbourhoods shops and street markets no need to go online.

    One example http://stores.ebay.com/Praktikals-Electronic-Parts

    Pretty clear to me these parts are new old stock and genuine

    As for myself I have some chinese parts but also I have branded parts, if the brand is mentioned they are either new old stock or trusted by me to be genuine. Otherwise generic/Unbranded.

    All the years I didnt get much complaints parts not working, maybe they know I could check for most. A very few only, for instance YX8018 often suffer from static they dont have good protection, since I use pieces of antistatic foil, complaints stopped.

    If you have a proof of fake items, you should post online, give the actual proof.

    I had someone complaining a Z80 didnt show as CMOS on his board, only problem was, a 7.16 MHz board likely released before there was any 20 MHz Z80 but of course, he knows its the fake part. Someone carefully firstly filed off the original print, then laser engraved the part as 20 MHz.

    Here in the west we couldnt pay the forger by the hour, but in China the lower margin is about 8 RMB per hour, guess not forging parts but some lousy factory job. Its not making sense to spend even a few minutes on the IC not even in China.

    So can you show some fake parts + acceptable proof.
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    Apr 16, 2011
    Why is it our job to provide you with proof?

    I see that there are two options:

    1) Buy cheap from unknown ebay source and take a chance

    2) Pay more to a reputable retailer and take less of a chance.

    Each of us is free to choose
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    Apr 28, 2012
    In real life you cant just accuse without a proof. It is typically done by extremist groups. The suspicion or a could be is enough.

    You can get the fake parts from reputable sources just because they trust them and the price is higher. It has happened on big contracts, substandard materials were used or different materials. Or just generally speaking bogus materials like combustible cladding.

    Also the reputable sources often simply dont have the parts in question or they cost far more and are likely the same.

    Just by choosing genuine parts, you can still have fire risks and other hazards to come, they also do fail over time.

    Sure chinese online shops, you dont get the MILSPEC ICs. For life support, medical, Aviation, automotive, nuclear, you need individual contract and specification.

    Sure car parts costing hundreds of dollars could be knockoffs or refurbished if they are too cheap or from a dodgy source.
    Fake tires and stuff. There is a commercial explaining how they rework them (file out all the groves) then cover with tarnish.
    Puts your life at serious risk.

    The cheap jewellery most likely is made from cadmium alloys and actually is bad for you if you wear it daily.

    I could not get any glow in the dark plastic stars here, only saw them online from china.

    Chinese plants seeds I bought mostly didnt sprout or were something else, seeds from USA were good and really what they said on the package.

    Refurbished PC I bought online didnt have Windows installed and didnt have graphics card as advertised but was only 80 Euros or so, imagine the hassle to return it. It was not as described but worked for the job.

    You get what you pay for and the buyers of low cost things mostly know what they are buying, they do know the chargers are not genuine Apple and so on.

    As for the small electric parts, China has a domestic market that by now is much larger than US domestic market, so they are cheaper.
    The parts might not be up to same standards, might even be better parts

    The amount of B grade, customer returns, factory rejects on markets at any time isnt all that much, of course is traded through some channels. Mostly its appliances with some bugs, foils coming off, battery defective, some scratched or a faulty mould. You can find them in bad neighbourhood shops and 2nd world countries (where most neighbourhoods are bad).

    Also certain transistors no longer made by the japanese are now sourced from India. They use them for their domestic market. Guess is this is where old manufacturing equipment has ended up. Chinese would be more expensive but parts from India are spot cheap. The japanese stopped making them as they stopped with the transistor radios and 1980s boom boxes.

    These were junk electronics anyway, single layer PCB, and mechanical parts failing after some time.

    You should give the proof so others can identify these parts. If theres proof they will be taken off the market, if people talk about them online.
    At least show some examples or describe some you have seen yourself.

    Just Chinese domestic market or sourced from India, has nothing to do with fake parts, is not a proof they are B grade or rejects.
    And this is my opinion what they are, where they come from.
    They cant get certain parts cheap because they dont need or dont have them but if they have them on their domestic market they will be cheap.

    Only because you dont like it, an economy with about a billion people will not vanish or stop using technology or decide only to import from the west, or stop trading online. In Sweden they now pay a tarriff + 15 Euro base charge for chinese imports, at least some of these packages are being taxed since a few months. So the 0.99 + free shipping as for them, is no longer.
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    Apr 16, 2011
    I think that maybe you need to take a chill-pill :(
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    Apr 28, 2012
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    I collect small vortex like this in public playlists, when I need a chill I take a look at them