External laptop sound processing

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So I got this Laptop (an HP, running on Windows 10) and out of the blue, while listening to music, it made a strange sounding noise through the speakers, and then a buzz.... and a buzzz... and it's still buzzzzzzzinnnnngggg...
I can control the volume up and down, and even mute it, but the only sound I get out of it is a buzz, no matter if I'm listening to things through its internal speakers, or if I connect a pair of USB speakers. The buzz is still the same.

So here's my question, is there a way to add an external sound processor (soundcard) to my LAP? Something that could bypass its internal sound processing unit, so that I could listen to my beloved music again. I don't want to take it for repairs, since its warranty has expired, and it would probably be best to live with it instead of going through all the hassle and expense.


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That is cool! I would get that one.

I will be a lot of people are too young to know what it represents.

You reminded me of my old lab coat that I miss. When I was in school our teacher always wore a lab coat. He had some source and would order one for all of the students, cheap.

Mine said GE Tubes on the pocket. I was going to a tech school as part of my high school. It had a bunch of other classes including cosmetology. One day a cute girl walked up to me, staring at my chest. She said to me "Oh GE Tubes, I thought that was your name"! I wish I could say I ended up marrying the girl. But that day forward I never confused cosmology with cosmetology again. She was no rocket scientist. :eek:

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It's here! I finally got my Tube Delight external sound card!


It works perfectly, and it's got the coolest fade-in, fade-out blue LED that changes intensity according to the sound level.

Wanna hear something silly? When I unplugged the thing to put it away, my laptop's sound system suddenly started working again! :eek: This is completely idiotic... it's like somehow the internal soundcard's circuitry had gotten stuck, and plugging in another audio device fixed the problem! :confused:

Now I've got the coolest-looking, most useless external sound card in town... Emoji Smiley-53.png ... oh well, I guess that at least I'll know what to do next time my lap's sound goes bunkers on me...


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That thing is very cool. My brother did ham radio way back when and would really get a kick out of that. On the other hand I'm flying tomorrow and can just imagine the glances I would get firing that think up in 24B.