Extension lead rule

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Can i ignore the exension lead rule?
Were banned from going out lol

So i wana know if i can use 2 2meter extension leads safely if i am not silly with the load?
My sons got his xbox and tv on 2 leads to reach the bedroom where my daughter. playing so they can game for this crisis.

They have 1 socket in the bedroom which was loaded with 3 extensions and all their bits..

I split it up to 2 leads in another room...

Do i break up his party and send em back to their rooms? Or can i go sleep while he uses his xbox n tv on 2 leads? {better than 1 lead overloaded)

Xbox is 80watt accordibg to google? Thaught it be alot more
And tv is 100
And phone charger

200ish watts on 2 leads from his bedroom?
They cant trip on them as therr under mats over the landing


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I think the problem is putting it under the mat.
1. The mat prevents the air cooling the cable so it will run hotter under the mat.
2. The cable will gradually be damaged by walking and rolling things over it and the damage will be hidden until it is too late.

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So over the door.. Fire risk stil i gues no 2 plu sokets.
What about rewireing his tv can i put a 3m cable on it.
Its hardwired i had to replace the plug and wire a while ago i matched the size up was 1m got1m.
Hes asking if i can make it 3m if i use the e the extensions wire. and he can use his wireless controller thru the wall