Exporting Fluke 190-204 capture to PulseView

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Does anyone tried to capture on Fluke 190-204 and export to PulseView?
Let explain why: I have tried some Saleae Logic 16 and also clone Chinese logic analyzer, but the problem I found is that, they goes OK, up to 1Mhz, but after that if you have repeatedly signal let say 4Mhz, square, 50% duty, they starting get not accurate measurements and I believe the reason the the wire, as long the wire is, the worst the the problem.
At the begin, I though the problem was the generator, but when a create a sample waveforms and started comparing on the fluke 190-204, it didn't got and variance bigger than 5 pixel (less than 0.1v) so not reason to the logic analyzer read wrong.
I tried to export on fluke for A channel and got 3 columns, but not able to understand than ... this sample was with division of 2V and 1ms