exporting eagle schematics to images from CLI

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I have a github project in which I have several eagle schematic files. Ideally, I'd like like it if github could render those schematics as an image so that people could view it. But that's not possible. So I'm looking for a way to export all schematics to images and store the images in github.
I don't want to have to load the schematics one by one and export. I want to have an automated way of doing this. So if there is a tool that would allow me to convert sch files to png files on the command line, I could create a bash script that would run on each git commit and export images.
Either a tool to do that, or a way of invoking this from the CLI with eagle like "./eagle export test.sch test.png".

Or if there is a javascript library that would render a sch file, I could create a plugin in github to do this.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a tool that would help me with this workflow?