Ever wished you could drill a square hole?


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It really depends on one's definition of "square" since most people don't think a square hole needs to have the radius of the corners defined.
The video on utube shows the real square hole
it was just I know some don't like running u tube videos, so I included the simple link to the theory

Check it out,
you would not believe the racket the floating drill make
you can do same with a simple triangle drill by hand ,
your hand performs the orbit

I've seen it done in wood, but never in a hard metal,


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I have one of those morticing attachments that belonged to my great granddad, he was a cabinent maker and died in 1963, and it was old then. The square part is made by a square chisel with the auger bit running down the center. So while it may be deemed a square hole drill, it actually only drills the round hole then the chisel makes it square.